Christmas time at the Natural Pet Store

Tis the season to be jolly at The Natural Pet Store! The christmas season is well and truly upon us. Our speciality here is only natural pet foods and treats, but Christmas presents are ALL about treats so let us dive straight in and talk pet treats!

Natural Fish Dog Treats

All the goodness of fish contained in a tempting treat

Natural fish dog treats are all that dog treats need to be, and more – naturally tasty, nutritious, healthy and brimming with all the good things that seafood brings. Most importantly, of course, they’re a delicious snack your pet will eagerly look forward to!

We love Good chaps range of natural fish products for your dog

Made in Somerset from sustainably sourced fish from British merchants, and packed in eco-friendly packaging, they’re a greener, delicious and natural dog treat that your dog will love.

Can you imagine how excited your pooch will be when he sniffs Green and Wilds fishcake treats? A good source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which promote a healthy skin and coat and benefit the joints, combat stiffness and aid brain development. A wonderful yet healthy treat for your furbaby!

Exciting healthy treats for your Cat

Christmas can create a little stress for your cats. Lots of visitors, lots of noise and smells. So why not gift your precious Kitty with some True Hemp calming cat treats.

True Hemp Large Dental Sticks Calming 125g

Uniquely formulated, these cat treats include natural ingredients such as hemp leaf, green tea, chamomile and lemon balm to help reduce tension and bring true calm to your canine companion. What a wonderful little treat!

Novelty Gift ideas

What about some FuzzYard Pyjamas Counting Sheep as a gift for your dog?

a must-have for any stylish dog at bedtime! Made from a soft, high-quality polyester with a slight stretch for comfort, these bright, bold multi sheep design pyjamas will keep your best friend snug and warm.

Everyone likes a pair of pyjamas for Christmas don’t they?! So cute.

Keeping your pet safe this christmas

With a hectic schedule during Christmas and New Year’s, it can be difficult for you to notice what your canine is up to. You may never know when he swallowed a small decoration or tore up the presents under the tree or ran out of the house and got himself frostbite! Pet parents need to be especially diligent during the holidays. Decorating the house with holly and mistletoe are common, however, these can prove fatal for pets. Even plants like amaryllis and daffodils are toxic for pets. So keep your pet free from harm this Christmas by keeping these plants out of the way and ensuring small toys are off the floor if your dog or cat is partial to a chew!

Merry Christmas from us all at

Above everything have a wonderful Christmas from us all at the Natural Pet Store.

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