We all want to be responsible dog owners. The Natural Pet Store offer a range of Dog poo bags which are Eco-friendly making us all help save the planet.

“Adios to polluting poo bags!” At least that’s the cry every dog walker will be able to use when they invest in a new range of plastic-free eco-friendly dog poo bags.

Our Adios dog poo bags at the Natural Pet Store are 100% plant-based and fully-compostable. That means no waste is left behind.

Most dog walkers we know dispose of poo bags responsibly – in municipal bins or at home. But if they’re not biodegradable, the bags won’t break down when they reach landfill. The plastic in them can then end up in the ocean – ready to be swallowed by marine life.

UK dogs produce more than 1000 tonnes of poo daily

Considering there are currently 9.9 million dogs in the UK, according to the latest figures from the PDSA, that’s an awful lot of dog poo in non-biodegradable bags sitting around. In fact, it’s more than 1000 tonnes a day.

It’s also easy for dog poo bags to accidentally blow out of a pocket or rucksack etc and end up being swallowed by a bird or other wildlife. And which, of course, can become fatal.

Corn starch means bags will vanish in 3 to 6 months

Adios eco-friendly dog poo bags are produced from biodegradable corn starch so they will break down. This can happen from three to six months and it means there will be zero waste left behind. You can then compost them at home in a dog-poo wormery and use the mulch for non-edible plants. Another environment plus for the bags is that they’re unscented – so no chemical smell is left behind in your pocket, either.

In terms of size the Adios eco-friendly dog poo bags are suitable for use with Chihuahuas right up to Great Danes. That’s because they come in an extra-large size (13” x 19”) and are up to 20 microns thick (so no nasty leaks guaranteed!). They also come in two colours – pink for the feminine pooch and grey for the more masculine mutt.

And in case you’re wondering… the packaging is FSC approved and also 100 per cent degradable. So, after a handful of months it’s as if the bags didn’t exist.

Adios Plastic Poo Bags

If you live in the Malvern Hills in Somerset you might want to forget about plastic bags altogether. That’s because there is another eco-friendly option open to you. Put your dog poo in a freely-provided paper bag and it’ll be used to light a street lamp. Retired engineer Brian Harper feeds the poo into a biodigester where microbes produce methane gas. This is then stored and used to power a streetlamp that comes on at dusk in the hills.

But until every nook and corner of Britain has one of these biodigesters we’re going to keep ourselves – and the planet – right, by continuing to use the Adios plant-based eco-friendly dog poo bags. Why not join us?

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Now we can really say Adios to polluting poo bags.

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