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Natural Dog Toys

Playtime with the planet in mind 

Here at The Natural Pet Store we have the most amazing range of natural dog toys for you to spoil your dog with! There are cuddly soft plush toys, interactive toys, throw and fetch toys, balls, dumbbells, treat toys, puzzle toys, sensory toys, and lots, lots more.

Selected with The Environment in Mind

Selected for quality, canine entertainment, and just as importantly, with the environment in mind, many of our dog toys are made from eco-friendly materials. Stuffed toys filled with fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, plush made from recycled plastic, even many of the squeakers are of recycled origin, so even if your pet destroys them eventually, they literally won’t have cost the earth, being more natural than the average dog toy.

Boredom Busting Dog Toys

We stock many tasty and healthy treats in our Natural Dog Treats Section, where you will find the perfect one to fill one of the boredom busting dispensing toys.

All the toys are made from top quality materials, manufactured to the very highest standards and are durable. In the case of the plush toys, these are machine washable too, so they’re easy to keep looking clean and hygienic. Start your search here, for the perfect playmate for your pet.