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Fish dog treats

Natural Fish Dog Treats

All the goodness of fish contained in a tempting treat

Natural fish dog treats are all that dog treats need to be, and more – naturally tasty, nutritious, healthy and brimming with all the good things that seafood brings. Most importantly, of course, they’re a delicious snack your pet will eagerly look forward to!

We stock natural fish dog treats of all shapes and sizes here at The Natural Pet Store, so whether you’re looking for small treats to use for training – easy to fit into your pocket or treat bag, larger treats to simply reward good behaviour, or just to help you to bond with your dog, we are confident we have something that will suit.

Some fishy facts

All our natural fish dog treats are completely natural, with nothing artificial ever added. Carefully prepared using methods such as air-drying, you can be sure that all the goodness and flavour is locked in. Fish is easily digestable and the irresistible taste will tempt even the fussiest of dogs. It’s a perfect food for dogs with allergies and intolerances.

Omega 3 which naturally occurs in oily fish, is great for your dog’s skin and coat. It also helps maintain healthy joints and tendons, allowing your dog to keep active at any age and it is also beneficial in treating arthritis and other joint problems. Selenium supports the immune system and helps prevent damage to cells and tissues.

Fish such as cod and herring are excellent sources of vitamin A, which can aid good vision in low light,  slow down age-related sight loss and help in the treatment of many eye diseases. Ocean fish are a good source of iodine, which maintains thyroid hormones, essential in keeping cells and your dog’s metabolic rate healthy.

Dried whole fish, with skin on, will effectively provide natural dental care as the natural chewing process scrapes plaque off the teeth and stimulates the gums.

Who would have guessed fishy treats could be so fabulous? And so packed with goodness and flavour, your dog will love them too!

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SalmonParsleyVisualIngredient 662x1024 1

Dog Gone Fishin Bakes Salmon and Parsley 75gm


Dog Gone Fishin Red Fish with Glucosamine Crunchies

32150 480x

Dog Gone Fishin’ – Cod & Hake Bakes – 75g

whitefishwithturmericvisualingredient 662x1024 1

Dog Gone Fishin’ – White Fish With Turmeric

81ga2lpj7fL. AC SL1500

Dog Gone Fishin’ Mackerel And Herring Bakes

Dog Gone Fishin Red Fish Sprinkles 100g

Dog Gone Fishin’ Red Fish Sprinkles 100g