Be:Bugfree Pet Shampoo Bar

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"Be:Bugfree Pet Shampoo Bar - Insect Repelling and cleansing 100g.

Rid your perfect pooch of annoying insects with the repelling and cleansing Be:Bugfree Pet Shampoo Bar from The Natural Pet Store.
Made from 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients this shampoo bar is both exfoliating and moisturising.
The natural formula contains a blend of neem oil and citronella. Because of this it repels insects and is kinder on your pet dogs’ skin than other harsh soaps and shampoos. This shampoo bar creates a gorgeous, citrusy lather that leaves your companions skin and fur squeaky clean, super shiny and ready for their next adventure without the annoyance of pesky pets.

Directions –Massage into your pet’s coat to work up a lather and rinse as you would any other shampoo… this is just in a bar, not a plastic bottle. You can use this in conjunction with your regular shampoo. This shampoo soap bar will provide approximately 25 – 30 washes.
Ingredients – Aloe, neem oil, citronella, lemongrass, poppy seeds, botanicals.
Always tested on humans, what’s good enough for your dog, is good enough for us.
Let them Be:Loved with The Natural Pet Store. "

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