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Natural Dog Grooming Products

Keep your pet looking great with natural grooming products

Our environmentally friendly and natural range of grooming products will have your dog looking fabulous in no time! We have a selection of great shampoos and conditioners to cleanse and shine the coats of all breeds and all life stages of dog, from pups to seniors. Using natural ingredients such as herbs and nourishing essential oils, these products are kind on the skin and fur, and are especially good for pets that suffer with allergies.  Even puppies and kittens aren’t left out with extra gentle shampoos for super-sensitive skin. Detangling (neem, rose and chamomile oils) and anti-flea (peppermint & lavender) products are also available, all formulated using safe and natural ingredients. All our natural grooming products are chemical free, pH balanced and not tested on animals.

Natural Dog Fragrances

For extremely pampered pets, we have natural fragrances especially made for dogs. These revolutionary natural scents are formulated entirely from plants and botanicals and will certainly add the finishing touch to any dog’s bath time!

A selection of other natural grooming products includes ear cleansers, grooming towels, dog deodorants, and a magic dog paw balm. To bring a touch of relaxation to a grooming session, a range of beautifully scented candles perfumed using 100% essential oils is available. If your pet has anxiety issues, take a look at our Natural Calming Products Section.