Be:Safe Pet Paw and Nose Balm

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Be:Safe Pet Paw and Nose Balm - First Aid and Ache balm. 60g

Scrapes and minor injuries are common after a day of exploring for pets as well as humans. Now there’s a perfect solution to ease your pooches scrapes with Be:Safe Pet Paw and Nose Balm - First Aid and Ache balm.

Developed with a natural blend of essential oils and moisturising Vitamin E, the First Aid balm is designed to soothe minor injuries. For example scratches and grazes, and even alleviate the discomfort from stings and bites! For this reason you can apply it to paws, noses and anywhere else that requires attention.

Directions – For a quick application warm the balm tin in your hands for a couple of minutes. Then you can place your companions paw into the tin. Or alternatively if you prefer place onto your fingers and massage the product into their paws/nose. Also remember because it is human friendly as well you can rub any leftovers into your hands for some extra moisturising TLC

100% natural – Beeswax, shea-butter, vitamin E, neem oil, grapeseed oil and lemongrass.

This product is always tested on humans, what’s good enough for man’s best friend is good enough for us.
Let your animals roam itch-free, odour-free, carefree. Dote on them. They deserve it. Let them Be:Loved"

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