Coconut Octopus Parrot Toy by Nature First

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This uniquely designed Coconut Octopus Parrot Toy is one of the pet toys in the Nature First range by Happy Pet. This toy is a lovely addition to place in any bird home thanks to an easily attachable metal clasp which can be attached anywhere in the enclosure. This 100% natural Nature First Coconut Octopus will aid in helping keep your bird stimulated and also help prevent boredom. It’s a perfect toy for medium to large size birds.

Perfect for your parrot to play with. The tentacles on this toy are great for pulling play for your feathered friend. Plus the plaited tentacles can be unravelled and shredded during play. Half a coconut shell at the top of the toy helps to protect the top of these tentacles. Chewing and shredding on this toy will help to keep your birds beak trim and healthy.

Take a look at our other toys for birds made using natural materials. We have a great selection suitable for both small to medium and medium to larger sized birds. The products we offer all utilise safe and natural raw materials.

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