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Bird Accessories

Bird Accessories

Bird accessories to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy

Being the intelligent creatures they are, pet birds are happiest when they have something to occupy their active minds and bodies. Here is a great range of toys and accessories especially made for birds of all sizes. Securely attached inside the aviary, a favourite toy such as a swinging perch, bell or an activity toy will keep a pet bird amused for hours. Stimulating colours, sounds and touch sensations all provide different levels of entertainment, to satisfy them both mentally and physically.

Safe, natural products

Our bird accessories and toys are carefully chosen for their suitability, durability and safety. Many of the products are made with natural materials where possible. Materials such as wood, coconut shell and natural bark also have an important role to play in giving birds something to nibble on, keeping their beaks in trim as well as giving them an entertaining item to play with. Whether it’s perching, nibbling, swinging or pecking fun your feathered friend will appreciate the all excitement a bird accessory can bring.

We also stock some great food and treats for birds – take a look!

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Nature First Coconut Octopus

Coconut Octopus Parrot Toy by Nature First

Happy Pet Groovy Colour Blocks

Groovy Colour Blocks Toy by Happy Pet

Ruff N Tumble Swing N Beads Bird Toy

Swing N Beads Bird Toy