Small 'N' Furry Lounging Logs

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Bring out your small pet’s natural instincts with these multi-functional Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs!

Especially designed for small to medium sized rodents, from hamsters to guinea pigs, also including small to medium rabbits. As such this 100% natural toy will provide the perfect entertainment as well as satisfying their natural instincts to chew. Because these joined-up mini logs are flexible you can make them into all different sorts of fun shapes to provide your pet with many different activities.

The versatile Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs can become a bridge, tunnel, ramp, hideaway or simply something to climb up and over and will definitely keep small furies mentally and physically stimulated. They’ll be offered the opportunity to explore, climb, hide and chew! It’s a natural workout for your pet!

The natural wood is non-toxic and will give your pet a safe item to chew on. It will fulfil the important role of keeping in trim the constantly growing teeth of rodents.

Fun Rabbit facts:

Did you know a rabbits teeth never stop growing? Many people think that chewing toys help keep a rabbits teeth nice and trim. In actual fact the teeth wear against each other, which keeps them trimmed. However domestic rabbits tend to chew through boredom. So by providing multiple playthings your rabbit will be spoilt for choice, which will help to keep boredom at bay.

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