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Small animal accessories

Small Animal Accessories

Small Animal Accessories

Treat your small pet to an extra helping of fun with some of these great accessories for small animals!

Most little pets are naturally busy little creatures that really appreciate having activity toys in their homes to keep them happily occupied. At The Natural Pet Store we are constantly increasing our range of quality small animal accessories, and have products for all small mammals, from mice right through to rabbits, so you’ll definitely find something your furry friends will love.

Eco-friendly, high quality products

Whether it’s a mini house to climb over and explore, an exciting toy to chew on, or an exercise wheel to keep your pet fit, you can be sure that any products for sale in our store have been hand picked for their eco-friendly credentials and high quality manufacture.

Accessories to combat boredom and exercise bodies and brains

Small animals can spend a lot of their time alone, so a challenging toy or more can channel their energies into healthy playtime, giving them something to think about whilst encouraging physical activity too. All our toys have been specially designed for the needs of smaller pets and made with safe materials to ensure the well-being of your small animals.

We also have a fabulous range of quality food and treats for small animals – all naturally delicious! Spoil your pet today!

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Nature First Garden Villa

2 PillowWad Meadow Hay

Pillow Wad Meadow Hay 2.25Kg

£4.49 or subscribe and save 5%
PillowWad Woodshavings

Pillow Wad Premier Woodshavings 3.6Kg

£5.49 or subscribe and save 5%
Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs, Natural entertainment for small petsBring out your small pet’s natural instincts with these multi-functional Logs...

Small ‘N’ Furry Lounging Logs

Small Animal Tuff Tube

Small Animal Tuff Tube by Ancol

Small N Furry Flying Saucer

Small N Furry Flying Saucer Wheel