Big Paws Rabbit One Size


  • Large rabbit dog toy
  • Soft and squashable
  • Cute, outsize paws contain squeakers
  • Only 2 left in stock

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    Big Paws Bunny Dog Toy

    Whatever your dog’s normal instincts when it sees a rabbit, the only thing they will want to do when they see this adorable bunny dog toy is to snuggle down with it or play with it! This bunny dog toy is cute and fluffy, with outsize paws that contain squeakers, long floppy ears and a squashable body that allows it to ‘lie down’! It’s so cute that your dog is bound to fall in love with it and take it everywhere.

    As with all dog toys, the Big Paw Paws bunny dog toy should only be played with by your dog under supervision and should be taken away if it becomes damaged or any part of it becomes detached.

    Composition: 90% polyester, 10% plastic

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    Weight 230 g





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